Creative Process

I'm often asked what my process is, and after years of working on hundreds of projects, I've decided there are two answers to this question:

1 ) Get Stuff Done

I’ve been brought in on projects at every stage — at the beginning, which can be ambiguous or highly structured; toward the end, which usually involves asset generation for production; and every point in between. Following my mantra “The deadline is the bottom line” I’m able to jump in at any phase of a project and complete the tasks that need to be done. I’ve built my career on meeting deadlines, whatever it takes.

2 ) Customer-Centered Creative Process

This is the general process I follow (or recommend) when afforded the opportunity, resources, and budget:

  • 1. Establish Understanding

    Establish a universal understanding of the problem/project. Have all stakeholders (PMs, design, engineering, etc) answer questions about what needs to be done, for whom, why, timing, resources available, budget, etc.

  • 2. Perform Competitive Analysis

    Review competitive products/offerings. Explore related industries/markets.

  • 3. Conceptualize & Brainstorm

    Brainstorm initial solutions, develop initial solution proposal. Determine if additional questions need to be answered about proposed concepts.

  • 4. Gather Feedback

    Collect feedback on proposed solutions from stakeholders and actual customers/users where possible.

  • 5. Plan Course of Action

    Review initial feedback with stakeholders, evaluate viability of implementation, agree on a course of action. Innovate to differentiate, and leverage established solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel.

  • 6. Generate Mockups

    Generate design mockups, wireframes, prototypes or similar proposed solutions for review.

  • 7. Conduct User Research/Testing

    Gather feedback on proposed solutions from stakeholders and actual customers/users where possible.

  • 8. Update & Iterate

    Modify proposed solutions as needed, incorporating research and feedback. Test again where possible.

  • 9. Generate Assets

    Generate UI assets, collaborate with engineering on implementation, making concessions where needed to achieve deadlines.

  • 10. Conduct Field Observation/Research

    Perform in-field observation, reviews, and interviews to evaluate performance of delivered solution.

This entire process, or portions of it, will be repeated to accommodate version updates and new feedback from the field.